Matrix Hair Color and Rebond at Dot Zero Hair Studio by Mars

Hi there gorgeous! It’s been a while since I posted something about my Salon experience after my Keratin Therapy at Edwin Lisa that lasted only for 6 months. I’ve to admit that I am not blessed with easy to manage and perfect straight hair, the fact that it was damage with my previous rebond, steam bond, digiperm, color, cellophane and all kinds of hair treatment and other vainglorious indulgences.

Please see my hair condition ” Too-Damaged-From-All-The-Chemical-Dyes ” kind and you will definitely agree that I need to revive this until it finally die 😦

Abused State

Abused State

And now since my hair is back on it’s used and abused state, I need to look for another hair treatment slash taming sesh. I’ve decided to look around, read blogs, reviews and promo’s online and I found this #marseffect on Facebook, so It hit me and I have to check what is this #marseffect that they are all talking about.


They have promo for Rebond, Brazillian Blowout, Keratherapy, and Steambond. It catches my attention because they are offering 2 weeks hair warranty and they also do 2 sessions for rebond and hair color, when I ask the stylist why it has to be 2 sesh, he said that rebond for example is a major operation albeit it straightens your hair, it makes it weaker and adding color will not do any better, he said that we need to wait at least 10 days after rebonding before the application of another chemical. Made sense, Yes?

So after thinking and reading feedback’s which are most positive, I made up my mind and set an appointment once again. I availed the Diamond Package just so you know.

I arrived 9:30am and they started around 9:45am. After doing the assessment on my abuse state hair ( I know I know ) they started with the Opti.straight cream from Matrix

— Opti.straight is the specialist in-salon permanent Straightening product, that not only offers perfectly straight results but also conditions, for a healthy, naturally shiny look.

They gently apply it from the roots until the middle part of my hair only, this is to avoid more damage at the end of my strands.

Hair 14Hair 15

The cozy ambiance of the Salon

The cozy ambiance of the Salon

These are the products used to ensure that I get what I paid for!

The Wonders of Matrix

The Wonders of Matrix

Hair 12 Hair 9

After the opti.straight cream for less than an hour, they rinse my hair, then the usual ironing follows which is really part of the rebond process, after that, they apply the Matrix Biolage with the Matrix Exquisite Oil for reconstructive treatment.

Matrix Biolage TreatmentBiolage.JPG 2

The Biolage treatment on my hair lasted for an hour longer compare to the opti.straight which was just 45 minutes, this is to focus and provide enough treatment for the ends that was not part of the coverage of the straightening product. Good enough!

I was just surprise because unlike other salon I’ve been to, they usually do the iron thing 2 to 3 times but my stylist Luis, ( he is from Piandre Salon by the way ) told me that it doesn’t make any sense to iron the hair multiple times because the Matrix Opti.straight will do it’s job to straighten the hair not the iron, plus it will just make the hair brittle due to the heat temperature.

So here is the partial result from my ” Used and Abused hair to a better straight and frizz free strands ” the color is still disturbing for me but I have to really wait 10 days or 2 weeks to have my hair color.

Hair 13Hair 6

So really I have to patiently wait for 10 days to make my hair ready for the color. Since Luis was not around when I set for my 2nd appointment, a different stylist handled my hair, but I wasn’t able to ask his name, the owner of the salon assisted them anyway.  They let me choose the “Ash Brown” to tone down the copper level of my hair and for a change as well. After the color application, I got a free L’Oreal proteline treatment.

I just also learned that the more you choose lighter blonde whether it’s ash blonde or dark golden blonde it will still eventually turn to copper’ish tone.

Hair 7 Hair 6

So there, I’ve got the the Matrix Rebond done for almost 4 hours on the 1st session and Color for an hour and a half on the 2nd session.

So far the experience was good, I really like the ambiance and accessibility of the place, the price is worth it for a branded product, they seems knowledgeable with what they are doing and has friendly staff. The only thing I would probably suggest moving forward is to be more transparent with the clients, with the step by step procedure and
to have the initiative to explain about the chemicals being used, because nowadays most of the clients are not 1st timer anymore and they are most likely had experience with other salons, products,treatments and stylist.

I’ll be posting an update about my hair condition after 2 weeks perhaps since it’s still covered by warranty.

Hair 8 Hair 2 Hair 3

Visit Dot Zero Hair Studio by Mars and get your tresses look amazing!

Location: 1020 A. Arnaiz Ave, 2nd Floor, Dona Concepcion Bldg., Makati City
Location Details: The salon is located along the Arnaiz Avenue, across the Dusit ThaniHotel, walking distance from the EDSA road and the MRT Station.

Landmarks: Same building where Yakiniku Sakura Restaurant is and nearby the RCBC and BDO. Slighlty across Park Square mall. Walking distance from Crown Regency Hotel and 1 block away from Slimmers World International.

Business Hours: 10am-8pm, Daily;  Telephone Number: 833-4045, 0906-366-8818

** Full Disclosure : I wasn’t paid to do this review and the treatment it self was not even free of charge. This is based on my honest feedback 🙂


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